How to use DecisionVault with Zapier

Connect DecisionVault with Zapier and start automating workflows.

Check our Official Zapier Integration in Zapier:


First you will need to authenticate with your API Key, which you can find under Settings > Integrations > Developer API > Settings


New Event - Triggers when there is new event.

These are the current events available:

Event Description
intakeform.started The client user creates an account and starts on the intake form.
intakeform.submitted The intake form is submitted for the first time.
intakeform.resubmitted The intake form is resubmitted.
intakeform.completed The intake form has been marked as complete.
meetingtemplate.completed The design sheet has been marked as complete.


PreCreate Matter: Creates a new matter and returns an invite link to send to the client. This action will allow you to 'pre create' a matter in DecisionVault, and get back an invite_key + invite_url. (see the Automation article for more information on how this works.)

Get Matter:Pull information for a given matter (by id).

Get User:Gets a user details based on id.

Get Contacts for Matter:Pull contacts for a given matter (by id).

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