How to set up the integration between Lawmatics and DecisionVault?

Topics covered:

  1. What's supported by the integration?
  2. How to set it up?
  3. How to trigger an automation in Lawmatics upon submit of the questionnaire in DecisionVault?

What's supported now?

The integration supports:

  1. Linking of the DecisionVault matter to the Lawmatics matter and jump to the right matter in the other tool
  2. Sync the main client (first client on the matter, or the representative on representative intakes), map custom fields and add related contacts
  3. Trigger automations in Lawmatics when the questionnaire gets submitted in DecisionVault

How to set up the integration

1. Create Custom Field:

If you want to use the automation to trigger a Lawmatics automation upon submit of the questionnaire in DecisionVault you should create the following matter-level custom field in Lawmatics:

Matter Custom Field

  • Name: DV Questionnaire Submitted
  • Type: Boolean
  • Visibility: Default

No further creation or mapping of custom fields are supported/necessary at this time.

2. Authenticate Lawmatics with DecisionVault:

To authenticate Lawmatics with DecisionVault go to the integrations page - and look for the 'Authenticate with Lawmatics' button. Follow the prompts to login to Lawmatics and to give DecisionVault access.

Note: This only stores an 'access token' in DecisionVault to access Lawmatics on your behalf. We don't have access to your login details, and you can always remove DecisionVault's access from the integrations page.

3) Setup defaults for Lawmatics sync:

After you authenticate you will get redirected to the Lawmatics Integration Setup page. From here you can select the "Pipeline & Stage" and "Practice Area", and map DecisionVault event and matter fields.

These defaults are only used if you let DecisionVault create a matter in Lawmatics. In most processes of firms who use Lawmatics there will be a matter in Lawmatics before your client starts on the DecisionVault questionnaire - in which case you can link the DecisionVault one to the existing Lawmatics one and these defaults are ignored.

You are now able to sync matter level fields from DecisionVault into custom fields in Lawmatics.

This is how the custom fields updates will be reflected in the activity timeline in Lawmatics:

4) Sync a Matter and Contacts with Lawmatics

After you map the custom fields, when you open up a matter detail screen on the attorney side of DecisionVault you can click "Integrations" on the right hand side and then click Lawmatics.

For a matter that has not yet been synced with Lawmatics - DecisionVault will first give you the option to link the matter to an existing one in Lawmatics, by searching in your matters. Or you have the option to just let DecisionVault create a new matter in Lawmatics.

If you want to link an existing matter, type in the matter name in the search box and then click "Link to this matter"

After this - you get to the sync screen where you can link the matter and existing contacts in Lawmatics. After linking the contacts click "Link Matter and Contacts".

After linking the matter and contact, you will be able to select which contacts you want to sync over to Lawmatics. You are able to update existing contacts or create new contacts in Lawmatics. After selecting the contacts click "Start Sync".

After the sync is complete you will be able to review the synced contacts and matter in Lawmatics by clicking the link.

How to trigger an automation in Lawmatics upon submit of the questionnaire in DecisionVault?

To trigger an automation in Lawmatics when the questionnaire gets submitted in DecisionVault you need 3 things:

1) Create the 'DV Questionnaire Submitted' custom field in Lawmatics and map it in DecisionVault

(See the above steps)

2) Set up an automation in Lawmatics that triggers when that custom field changes on a matter

If you wanted to move a matter to the next stage in Lawmatics upon submit of the questionnaire in DecisionVault you can create the following automation:

3) Change the standard link to include the Lawmatics matter identifier

Currently you're sending clients the "standard link" that gets clients to create an account and start on the correct questionnaire - which will look like this:

You want to make sure that the Lawmatics email template you're using for this is a "matter based" one - so you have access to the merge field for "matter id". Then you change the standard link to merge the matter id into it like this:

The client won't notice the difference, they're just clicking a link from your email template - but now DecisionVault can capture the identifier and will trigger the automation in Lawmatics via the custom field upon submit of the questionnaire.

Then when the client submits the questionnaire in DecisionVault you see the field update in Lawmatics, followed by the automation (it can take a minute or 2 for the automation to trigger after the field is updated).

This doesn't sync over any other information - for that you still need to click through to the Lawmatics sync in DecisionVault.

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