How to customize the financial intake?

The financial intake section of the DecisionVault questionnaire allows your client to easily build up an inventory of their assets. On the attorney side, this information can then get exported to Excel.

The financial intake is built around a set of categories. You can edit and customize these by going to: Settings > Customization > [Open your questionnaire] > Financial > Customize.

How to customize the financial inventory - beginning to end

In the Financial Customization section you can:

  • Change the instructions and prompts that show up at the top of the screen
  • Change the title, field labels, and order of the categories
  • Set which ones show up with an initial question and what that initial question should be
  • Prompt clients to upload documents/statements for each category
  • Preview how questions will look for your client

Customize Instruction Labels

Edit or customize the initial prompt, the general instructions and a warning for empty financial categories.

For each Financial Category you may edit the Settings and Questions, as well as a looking at a Preview of the category in the financial intake screen for the clients.

Financial Category Settings

From this section you are able to:

  • Change the Order
  • Edit the Title
  • Enable and edit the Initial Question
  • Enable and edit the File Upload Prompt
  • Include/exclude the category in the Financial Inventory overall Net Worth
  • Hide the category

Financial Category Questions

Some of these fields are fixed and will show up for each category:

  • "Identifier" field (Policy Number in the above example). 
    • The prompt can be changed. For instance on the 'other assets' category the prompt is just "Description"
  • "Owner" (Policy Owner in the above example). 
    • For a couple this will show "Person A, Person B, Jointly, Specify: ____"
    • For a single person this will show "Person A, Specify: ____"

Optional Fields

Then there are fields that can be turned on/off on a per-category basis:

  • Positive Value - Amount that contributes to net worth (Death Benefit in above example).
  • Negative Value - Amount that takes away from net worth (Loans Against Cash Value in above example).
  • Beneficiaries
    • A future enhancement will be to tie this in further with the contacts known on the questionnaire, capture % etc.

Please note each category needs to have at least a positive or negative value field turned on to capture a number for that asset entry.

Extra Questions

There are additional questions that can get added.  This can be up to 3 questions, which can be either free text inputs, or dropdown selects. In the example below these are Company (text), Type (dropdown) and Insured (text).

To capture the Income and Expense information, there is a separate section to customize their categories and fields. More information on the related articles below.

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