How to hide parts of the questionnaire?

DecisionVault supports different ways to show / hide the sections of the questionnaire.

In the customization menu you can set a section to show up:

Where to configure this?

When you open up the section it will show an 'edit' button on the right hand side, that will allow you to set the section to show up according to one of the following types


As it's written, shows up for every matter under that questionnaire type.

After Submit

After the questionnaire gets submitted the client lands on the Client Workspace (portal) screen, and if they open the questionnaire again then the "after submit" sections will be available to answer.

Example: the attorney wants the client to fill in the questionnaire without the asset inventory section at first, and then after they submit and have a first interaction with the attorney, they can come back in and fill in their financial assets.

Note: the section becomes visible after the questionnaire is submitted for the first time. It stays visible afterwards, even if the questionnaire gets set back to 'unsubmitted'.

Manually Added

The sections marked as "manually added" are hidden by default, but they can be turned on by opening the Matter Details screen and adding them to the questionnaire for that matter (and that matter only).

Open the following menu from the "Questionnaire" dropdown.

Example: the attorney has an in-depth follow-up worksheet on life insurance that they sent to clients who have a lot of life insurance - with this functionality they can build up that worksheet into one manual section and keep it hidden, and only turn it on for some clients.


By marking a section as 'conditional' it becomes available to be linked to 'Yes/No' questions, which then dynamically show / hide it.

Example: the attorney can add a section on 'Pets' (or 'Business') with questions about the clients Pets (or Business), and then put in a Yes/No question that asks the client if they have any pets and based on their answer the section will show up (or not).


Use this to fully hide a section so it doesn't show up anywhere

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