Can I restrict matters visibility to only some firm staff users?

Yes, it's possible to restrict the visibility of the matters under your firm - for your regular firm staff users.

How to set this up?

Under Settings > Firm > Staff Assignments.

By default the Matter Visibility setting will be set to nrestricted.

Once toggled - this changes to:

What does it do?

This one toggle adjusts the visibility of matters for your entire firm account - in the following way:

Setting off Setting on (restricted)
Regular Firm Staff user Can see all matters under firm Can only see matters assigned to them
Firm Admin User Can see all matters under firm Can see all matters under firm

What is this used for?

Common use cases:

  • If you work with a contract attorney who should only see the matters that they work on with you - but not the rest of the firm's matters

  • For larger firms this helps to keep the users focused on the matters that they're working on (instead of making it hard to spot their own matters in the long matters list).

How do matters get assigned to users?

Matters can be assigned to users in two different ways:

  • Automatically based on the questionnaire (when a new matter gets created - it can get assigned by default to certain users). This can be setup under Settings > Firm > Staff Assignment.

    • So in the prior example of the contract attorney the regular staff might get assigned automatically to all new matters - but the contract attorney is not.

  • Manually from the matter detail screen on the "firm staff" tab

  • Automatically when the regular user creates a matter
    • Users who create the matter (from the Matters list -> "Add") will get automatically assigned to that matter

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