What custom questions can I use?

DecisionVault supports the following types of custom questions in the questionnaires:


  • Yes/No question
  • Single checkbox (switch)
  • Single checkbox with text input
  • Dropdown select
  • Radio buttons
  • High/Medium/Low/None select
  • Number Field 🆕
  • Date Field 🆕
  • Long Text Input
  • Short Text Input
  • Group of People Box


  • Header text
  • Description text
  • Alert note (blue)
  • Hyperlink🆕
  • Embedded Video (from YouTube, Wistia & Vimeo)

Yes/No question


These Y/N questions can be set up such that when the client chooses 'Yes' a document request will be created in the background which will show up on the documents step of the questionnaire:

You can add a document request to the Y/N question by creating the question, and then clicking 'edit':

Single checkbox


Single checkbox with fill-in text field


Dropdown select


Radio button group


Note: you'll have to create the question first - and after that you can click 'edit' to put in the options.

High/Medium/Low/None select




Group of People Box


(more about this element here: ask the client to pick people for roles)

Header text & Description Text:

These are textual elements to use (no question):


Alert Note

This is a textual element that is in a colored box to stand out.


Embedded Video

You can embed video wherever you like in your questionnaire with this custom element.
DecisionVault supports embedding videos hosted on Youtube (they have to be public to comply with the YouTube terms of service!), Vimeo and Wistia.

Note: you have to create the embedded video element first (put in anything for the label - it won't show) - and then can click 'edit' to put in the video identifier.
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