How do I ask the client to pick people for roles?

Decisionmakers / Role Box Custom Element

On your questionnaire you can ask the client to put groups of people together whom would help out with medical or financial decisions (or take care of their children) should they become incapacitated or pass away.

The custom element you can add to your questionnaire for this is the 'role box':

This element allows the client to pick contacts from the list of contacts that has been captured so far on the questionnaire, or enter new people to add to the list.

The names of the selected people will show up in the box in place of the sample "person1", "person2" names - making it clear to the person filling this in that they're putting down a list of people that they would think of. Making the actual lists of who would be in position #1, #2, #3, etc is then something you can discuss when meeting with them.

How to add this kind of question to your questionnaire?

First, make sure there is a role set up under settings -> customization -> roles to hold this information.

Then, add a Role Box custom element to your questionnaire in the location where you want it.

Then click 'edit' to change the language of the question, as well as which role type this should save under:

How this information will show up

After the client fills in the questionnaire and submits it - this information will show up on the full matter export; where you can review it before having a meeting with them.

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