Can my client take multiple questionnaires?

Yes, your client users are able to access multiple questionnaires.

To get your client user into their first questionnaire - please follow the instructions in this article:

There are 2 ways to give a client access to another questionnaire/matter:

1) Create new matter for client

From the left hand navigation go to "Client Users", then search & select the client user:

On the next screen you can click the button to add another matter/questionnaire for this client user:

This opens the following dialog. Here you can choose whether the system should email the client about this, and pick the name and questionnaire type:

2) Invite client to additional matter

The other way to let a client user work on an additional matter is to create the matter first, and then invite the existing client user to it.

Open the matter - and navigate to the "client users" tab. Select "Manage Client Users":

Then from the "existing users" tab search for the client user. Here as well the tool will show a dialog where you can pick whether it will send a notification to the user:

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