How to invite a client?

There are 2 ways to get a client user into their questionnaire:
  1. Let the client start the matter from the standard link
  2. Create the matter and then send the client an invite
You can send the client (one of) the standard link(s) that's show on the dashboard:

The standard link approach makes possible to just put the standard link (for a particular questionnaire) in your email template / automation flows - and the client can click through from there, create an account and start filling the questionnaire.

Access a questionnaire that has been started

The client can click the link again to get into their account - if they are no longer logged in they can choose "sign in", or if they are still logged in the system will prompt them and lets them re-open their questionnaire:

How to test the client sign up experience
To test these links, copy one and click on your email address in the top and choose "logout". Then open the link in your browser, which will take you to the "account create" screen that your clients will see:

(Alternatively you can just open the link in an incognito window)

2. Create the matter and invite the client to it

You may want to create the matter yourself, fill in some of the information on the client that you already have, and then invite the client to follow.

To do so you first create a matter from the 'matters' screen:

Once created, you'll be redirected to the matter detail screen. From here you can open the questionnaire with the blue button in the top right, and when you're ready you can send the client an invite from the 'Users' tab.

The client will receive the invitation via email:

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