How to invite a client?

You can send the client (one of) the standard link(s) that's show on the dashboard:

The standard link approach makes possible to just put the standard link (for a particular questionnaire) in your email template / automation flows - and the client can click through from there, create an account and start filling the questionnaire.

How to test the client sign up experience
To test these links, copy one and click on your email address in the top and choose "logout". Then open the link in your browser, which will take you to the "account create" screen that your clients will see:

(Alternatively you can just open the link in an incognito window)

How to create test matters
You don't have to keep coming up with unique test email addresses to test your questionnaire during customization. The client experience automatically updates based on changes made to the questionnaire.
If you do need a new matter / intake, you can create it from the matters list:

And then when the new matter opens you can jump to the client intake side by clicking the blue button in the top right:

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