How To Set Up Additional Questionnaires

The first questionnaire that you start out with upon sign up is a 'planning' style one, where it is assumed it is filled in by a living client doing planning for themselves.

If you need additional questionnaires for other types of engagement you can create them from the 'customization' menu, and a key choice is whether the new questionnaire is filled in by:

  • The person themselves (e.g. living people who are doing planning for themselves)
  • A representative for someone who is either living (elder law) or deceased (probate / trust administration)
    • E.g.If the person is deceased - the fields 'date of death' and 'place of death' will automatically show up along-side the standard 'date of birth'.

These choices are made when the questionnaire is created and cannot be changed afterwards.

Business style intake

You can also build up "business" style questionnaires in DecisionVault - these questionnaires will only ask for details on the person filling it in; but will skip the questions on marital status, name of partner, etc.

Setting up the extra questionnaire

Once the extra questionnaire is created - you can change it's configuration by opening it from the customization menu:

And then choosing 'setup':

On this screen you can change the questionnaire title, and the 'internal type' that is used in the attorney management screens of DecisionVault.

Adding custom questions

Adding questions to this questionnaire works the same way as a regular questionnaire - see 'setting up your questionnaire' from the link below.

Financial Intake

On the 'Financial' screen you can change the language of the initial questions and instructions for each of the asset categories - to fit with the kind of intake you're doing (e.g. make it "did the decedent have.." instead of "do you have..".

Changing the labels of fixed questions

The labels of some of the questions - such as for 'marital status' - might need to get reworded so they ask for information in the correct way. That's why you'll see the following yellow boxes show up for some of the labels in the 'about you' flow:

To change the wording of the label you can click the pencil icon and make changes.

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