How do I assign contacts into roles?

The way that DecisionVault handles fiduciary roles might differ a little from what you're used to doing.

We went through several iterations and below is the current best practice for how to handle the topic of "nominating people into roles" using DecisionVault.

What's the best practice on how to ask the client to nominate people into roles?

The best practice is to:

  1. On the questionnaire ask for a "group of people" who could help with a certain role - but not let them build up a specific list.
  2. In the meeting the attorney can counsel the client and assign people into actual roles (in a numerical order).

1 - Ask for a Group of People

On the Estate Planning questionnaire that gets generated by default you will find "broad but specific" questions like the one below in the section titled "Decisionmakers":

The idea here is to get the client thinking about the people in their life who might help out during a period of incapacity - but not yet sort those people into a specific list/order.

This is why the names show up next to each other, and don't have a number assigned to them.

2 - Counsel the client & assign actual roles

The information from the "group of people" questions can be used as input to decide together with the client who should be selected as the actual people in fiduciary roles in their estate plan.

This actual numbered list can be documented either on the roles tab of the matter detail screen, or on the design sheet (if that's turned on for the questionnaire):

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