Can I set questions to be required?

It's not possible to mark custom questions as "required" in a way where the client would have to answer them before they can move on.

There are a number of technical as well as user experience reasons for this - the most notable that it's a pain to work through an online form that has lots of required fields.

The overarching approach is that we keep the number of required fields to a minimum. The tool functions like a portal so clients can log back in later and provide more info.

Besides, they might have a good reason for not wanting to provide the info to you. Perhaps they found you off of the internet and don't want to provide that info since they haven't met with you yet?

What kind of information is required in DecisionVault?

There are a number of required pieces of information that the client user is asked to provide while working through the questionnaire:

The "About You" section

The "About You" section (and the "Representative" one if present) is required to be filled before the user can move on to the other sections of the questionnaire. After filling in the base info on the client in this initial section the user can go in any order through the next sections

Any contact added

For any contact that gets added into the questionnaire the minimum set of information is their name, relation to the client(s) and gender. This is driven by the minimum for some of our integration partners to make it possible to sync the contact over.

Asset intake

The asset intake does not have any required fields - but if the client user tries to click through it and exit it without providing any information they get a warning to nudge them towards filling in the asset intake. The text of the warning can be changed as part of the asset intake customization.

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