Document Automation Integrations

DecisionVault integrates with Document Automation tools like Gavel, Woodpecker, Formstack and HotDocs Advance.

The integration interface works a little differently than what you may be used to from the sync with the practice management systems, or the draft platforms.


  1. After you authenticate DecisionVault with the document automation integration, you can open it from the matter via the "Integrations" dropdown.
  2. Then, you're asked to pick one of your templates / workflows from the document automation tool, and to follow DecisionVault will pull the available fields for that template or workflow
  3. Map each of the template fields to a data point available in DecisionVault for this matter, and then process the inputs to transfer the information to the document automation tool.

Available Fields

By mapping DecisionVault fields via the Document Automation Integrations, like Gavel and Woodpecker, users can create personalized, dynamic, and accurate documents with ease. The following mappable fields chart will be a valuable resource to know the currently available fields for mapping.

Please note that this chart represents only a selection of mappable fields available in DecisionVault. Depending on your firm needs, there may be additional fields or customization options available.

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