What are "closed" matters?

With DecisionVault, you have the option to "close" a matter when it is no longer necessary to work on or when it becomes inactive. When you close a matter, it will be filtered out from the open matters list, and the client user will be locked to prevent any unintended edits or updates to the questionnaire.

  1. To close a matter simply click on Close Matter.

  1. Select a close date and hit save.

After saving the matter, the status will change to Closed, and it will be filtered out of the Matters list (defaults to open matters only).

  1. After closing the matter you will see the option for Client users to make changes has changed to No. This means the client user will not be able to access the questionnaire to make any edits or updates.

To reopen a matter just click on Reopen Matter. Please note that after reopening a matter, the option to allow client users to make changes will remain set to No.

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