How to set up a meeting template (design sheet)

How does this functionality work?

The Meeting Template / Design Sheet capability of DecisionVault allows you to build up an additional section of the questionnaire which can only be used by firm staff.

You can use this to build up a template (1 per type of questionnaire) to run your client meeting and capture what needs to happen next with the client's case / how documents should get drafted:

  • Choose which questions (& their answers) from the client questionnaire to include, and in which order
  • Add questions to capture drafting choices
  • Use some question types that are not available on the regular client questionnaire - such as a question to appoint contacts into a specific role
  • List meeting topics you want to make sure you discuss with the client

Video Demo

Having the meeting (digital version)

Once you have this section setup you can open it up from the matter detail screen to answer the questions digitally. You can use the "quick jump" links on the right hand side to quickly scroll to a particular part of the section.

NB: It is possible to rename what this functionality is called on a questionnaire-by-questionnaire basis - for now we've set it to "Design Sheet" to match what most Estate Planning attorneys call this.

Having the meeting (paper version)

If you prefer to take notes on paper (or iPad/tablet) you can also export an empty fill-in document version for a given matter. This document will contain all the questions you put onto your design sheet - including (for questions embedded from the questionnaire) the answers provided by the client on the questionnaire.

The "Filled" option is to get an export of the answers captured on the "screen" version (see above).

How to set this up?

You can find the setup under settings -> customization -> (pick a questionnaire). There will be an additional option for "Design Sheet"

1. Add the outline of the talking/decision points you normally go over during a meeting with clients - using the "header + divider" elements.

(we'll work on find a nicer way of handling the order of questions later on in the early access phase)

2. Add in the clients + children components (these are specific to this section)

Using the "embed question" element:

This will show up on the "screen" version for a given matter with a blue bar in front to show it's an embedded question:

To capture additional notes along the way you can insert additional "long text" fields

Common Patterns

Setup of roles

First add a "Select Single Role" element, then put the embedded Group of People element from the client questionnaire below it

Template Text Component

You can further customize your design sheet by adding a Template Text Component. This new component will come in handy when adding repeating sets of questions, like gifts in the example below.

The following video provides a quick overview on how and when to use this component:

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