How to import contact information into WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel

How to connect with WealthCounsel / ElderCounsel

You can authenticate with WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel from the settings / integrations page.

If you use both then you'll only need to authenticate with one of these

The button will redirect you to the WealthCounsel or ElderCounsel web application - where you can provide permission to connect with DecisionVault.

To follow you'll get redirected back to DecisionVault. You'll get to the integrations settings page, where you can set your preference on how names will get synced over (either in "normal case" or in "ALL CAPS")

How to sync?

To run a sync you can open the sync dialog from the matter detail screen - select "integrations" -> "WealthCounsel / ElderCounsel"

This will take you to a screen where you can make a selection of which contacts you want to sync over:

Then when you run the sync the matter and contacts will be created / updated.

You can run the sync multiple times - and DecisionVault will update the records in WealthCounsel / ElderCounsel with the new information.

Related Contacts on the matter in WealthCounsel / ElderCounsel

One thing to note - the integration interface can only link the client contacts to the matter. The rest of the "non-client" contacts will get created/updated, but at first they will not be attached to the matter yet.

The quickest way to make these contacts "related parties" to the matter in WealthCounsel / ElderCounsel is to:

Go into the drafting module / interview steps, and at the first "contact" dropdown you can cycle through the contacts on the matter:

  1. Type in some part of the name
  2. Hit enter to search all the contacts in your account
  3. Select the contact
  4. (the contact is selected and instantly becomes a "related party")
  5. Repeat with the next contact

Social Security Numbers

It's not possible to send SSNs through the integration interface. You can open a list of the tax identifiers from the matter details screen and copy them over from there:

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