How to import contact information into ElderCounsel or WealthCounsel?

It used to be possible for users of ElderCounsel and WealthCounsel to create a "custom integration" and get API credentials to let DecisionVault create matters and contacts directly. We've heard from users that this is not currently an option.

For existing users, who already have a custom integration set up and hence have API credentials, the sync still works via their public API and DecisionVault can create matters and contacts directly.

New users have a couple of different ways of getting contacts loaded from DecisionVault to these draft platforms:

  • You can export a bulk contact file from DecisionVault for direct import into these draft platforms (creating as many contacts as you need all at once).
  • If you have Clio Manage - you could sync the contacts to Clio and move them over from there (more info).
  • If you have PracticePanther - you could sync the contacts to PracticePanther and move them over from there (more info).

How to set up the File Based Export Option?

1) Turn on the file based export option for ElderCounsel / WealthCounsel from the integrations list page and choose how to export the contact names:
2) When you and your client are done working on capturing all their information in the Intake Portal for a particular matter you can click through to the export screen, and select which contacts should be part of the export.
3) This exports a CSV file to your computer, which has the names, phone numbers, emails, addresses of the selected contacts. You can import this file into the draft platform from the "Contacts" list page - saving you the effort of re-entry of all the info.
4) If you are asking for Social Security numbers as part of your intake - those values cannot be transferred via the exported file. But you can open a list of the tax identifiers from the matter details screen and copy them over from there:

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