How to set up the integration between MyCase and DecisionVault?

Setting up and using the integration involves the following steps:
  1. Authenticate MyCase with DecisionVault
  2. Run the sync

1. Authenticate MyCase with DecisionVault

To authenticate MyCase with DecisionVault go to the integrations page - and look for the 'Authenticate with MyCase' button. Follow the prompts to login to MyCase and to give DecisionVault access.

Note: this only stores an 'access token' in DecisionVault to access MyCase on your behalf. We don't have access to your login details, and you can always remove DecisionVault's access to MyCase by removing the token from the integrations page.
MyCase is working on enhancements on their end to make it possible to map custom fields - for now custom fields are not supported by the integration.

2. Run the sync

After you authenticate with MyCase, it shows up as a system to sync with on the matter detail screen from the "Integrations" menu:

You can then let DecisionVault create a new matter in MyCase, or search in your existing MyCase matters and map the existing contacts on those matters to the people on the DecisionVault matter.
The below video shows a quick demonstration:
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