What happens when the questions in the questionnaire get updated?

Here is what happened when you update a question on the questionnaire:

Unopened Questionnaire:

If the client hasn't opened and started answering the questionnaire yet, they will get the updated question/s when they open the questionnaire link.

Started Questionnaire:

If the client already started answering the questionnaire as part of a matter:

New custom questions will show up the next time the client opens their questionnaire.

Deleted questions get handled in either of 2 ways:

  1. If the client has not answered the question- the question will be deleted and not show up.
  2. If the client user answered the question- the question will still show up with their answers, and they'll still have the option to edit their answer.

The Full Export will contain the answers to all the questions that the client has answered on the questionnaire (so including any answers to questions that you may have deleted since) - to not lose any data.

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