How to add a conditional section to your questionnaire

How to add a conditional section to your questionnaire

The next steps show how to add a conditional section to your questionnaire, and only make it show up when people answer a "Yes/No" question.

1. Create the conditional section

At the bottom of the questionnaire customization screen you will find several "extra" sections. Click Edit on any extra section, add a Title, and set the Show option to conditional.

Make sure to add all specific questions in this section and save it.

2. Add a qualifying question

Somewhere in the questionnaire before the conditional sections - you can add a Yes/No question to meet the condition. To link the question to the conditional section you have to click "edit" again after you create it, and then select the option to link it to the conditional page:

After saving the qualifying question will show a blue marker to confirm that it's linked:

Now the conditional section will only show up if people answer "Yes" to the qualifying question. You can use this feature to create more personalized questionnaires and improve your client experience.

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