How does the Client Decisions Summary work?

After a client has filled in the questionnaire and submitted it to you, and after you have had a design meeting with them - some attorneys choose to send the client a summary of the gathered information and how their plan is supposed to work; before they sync the information to their draft platform and start drafting the plan.

DecisionVault can export such a summary document - below are the steps.

  1. Add the proposed roles
  2. Add any specific gifts
  3. Build up the summary of how the plan will work
  4. Export the Client Decision Summary
  5. Customize the templates for next time

1. Add the proposed roles

Since DecisionVault keeps close track of the contacts on a matter you can use that information on the Matter Details - Roles Tab to sort the people on the matter into their roles:

2. Add any specific gifts

On the Matter Details - Plan Summary tab you can then capture any specific gifts:

3. Build up the summary

Here you can also build up the description for how the estate is supposed to be distributed. To speed this up you can build up a set of reusable snippets / templates that can be inserted by clicking the green (+) button from below the text editor.

4. Export the Client Decision Summary

Now you can export the document from the export menu:

This will generate a Word document that has the Roles, as well as the Specific gifts and the "Plan Summary" language you chose to include:

5. Customize the templates

You can customize the reusable templates from the Settings - Customization - Templates screen:

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