How to set up two factor authentication

DecisionVault supports two-factor authentication (2FA) to add another layer of security to your account.

After you enable this on your account DecisionVault will require you to provide a one-time code generated by an authenticator app on your phone.

How to set up Two-Factor Authentication

Click on the dropdown in the top-right and choose 'account settings', then choose to start Two-Factor setup.

You will need to download and install a 2FA authenticator app on your phone, such as Google Authenticator, Twilio's Authy or Microsoft Authenticator.

Open up the app and scan the provided QR code, then enter the generated one-time code to confirm everything is setup correctly.

Backup codes

On the next screen you will see a set of backup codes that you're advised to print and store in a safe place, in case you lose access to your device.

Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication

Once 2FA is enabled on your account you will be asked for a one-time code generated by your authenticator app after you put in your username and password:

Remove Two-Factor Authentication

To remove 2FA, again open account settings (top-right) and choose 'Remove Two-Factor Authentication' and follow the prompts.

As a fall-back option, 2FA can also be removed by one of the firm admin users from the user management screen.

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