How do I delete a matter?

Empty matters can be deleted

Matters can only be deleted when they're completely empty

  • No client user attached
  • No clients/contacts captured

If this is the case - you will see the option to delete the matter in the matter details screen:

Matters that contain information can be set to 'closed'

Once information has been entered you will no longer be able to delete the matter (as a precaution against losing data).

However - you can close a matter from the matter detail page - and it will automatically get filtered out of the matters list (the filtering on that list defaults show the "open" matters).

Delete a filled in matter

Sometimes you need to delete a filled in matter (for instance if a non converted prospect requests to remove their information). You can reach out to support via the link below ('contact us') and we can remove the matter for you.

Keep some test matters

If you're wondering what to do with your test matters - it might be handy to close them and keep them around, because then you can easily test changes to your questionnaire without having to come up with a new client name etc).

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