How to set up the integration between Actionstep and DecisionVault?

Setting up the integration involves the following steps:

  1. Authenticate Actionstep with DecisionVault
  2. Set up Actionstep default settings
  3. Sync a Matter and Contacts to Actionstep

1. Authenticate Actionstep with DecisionVault

To authenticate Actionstep with DecisionVault go to the integrations page - and look for the 'Authenticate with Actionstep' button. Follow the prompts to login to Actionstep and to give DecisionVault access. 

Note: this only stores an 'access token' in DecisionVault to access Actionstep on your behalf. We don't have access to your login details, and you can always remove DecisionVault's access on the integration page by clicking 'remove'.

2. Set up Actionstep default settings

After authenticating with Actionstep you will get redirected automatically to the setup page:

Here you will need to select the default action type that DecisionVault will use when it creates matters in Actionstep, and the default participant type that gets used to link related parties to a matter.

No custom fields (yet)
The contact record in Actionstep supports almost all the fields that DecisionVault would be able to sync to it - so currently it's not needed to set up any custom fields and map them to DV fields.

We are gathering input on how to include custom fields syncing - if this is of interest to you please reach out to support and tell us how you use it / what you need.

3. Sync a Matter and Contacts to Actionstep

When you open up a matter detail screen on the attorney side of DecisionVault you can click 'Sync to Other Tools" on the right hand side.

You can sync in 2 different ways:

  • For a matter that has not yet been synced with Actionstep - DecisionVault will first give you the option to link the matter to an existing one in Actionstep, by searching in your matters. 
  • Or you have the option to just create a new matter in Actionstep.

Link to existing matter & contacts

You can search in your existing matters from DecisionVault, then pick a matter and map the contacts.


After linking - or directly if you just choose to create a new matter in Actionstep you can run the sync:

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