How to link & sync to an existing matter in Lawcus?

When you sync a matter from DecisionVault to Lawcus you will have the choice of either creating a new matter in Lawcus, or linking it up with an existing matter and updating the existing records (and adding any new contacts).

When you pick "link to existing", you can then search in your existing Lawcus matters from DecisionVault:

When you select the Lawcus matter you want to link this DecisionVault matter to, you then get asked to map the people under each matter:

After all the contacts are mapped - you get the option to save the mapping, and proceed to the sync.

You'll need enough contacts in DecisionVault to map all Lawcus ones

To be able to take this step, you will need enough contacts in DecisionVault to map all the existing contacts in Lawcus. If you are missing contacts, you can go back to the matter detail screen and on the 'roles' tab use the blue quick contact add button to add these contacts.

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