Will the system send a reminder to the client users who have not yet submitted their questionnaire?

Yes the system can send an automatic reminder email to a client:

How to set this up

You can find the settings for the reminders under settings - firm - reminders:

For a reminder to get send the following things need to be true for a given matter:

  • 'Set Meeting Date on matter?' = Yes
  • 'Send Reminder?' = Send
  • 'When to send?' = needs to be set to the number of days in advance of the meeting the reminder should go out
  • Meeting Date needs to be set on the matter

Customize the Reminder Email Template

It's possible to customize the email template of the reminder under "Email Templates" in firm settings:

NOTE: This template is static - and will get send as-is to every client user who needs to be reminded. So you can put in a generic message ("if you cannot make your appointment please reach out to us") but you cannot put in anything specific to any particular matter.

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